A smarter way to travel between Arenastaden and Bromma Airport

4 Oct 2016

On 3 October, airline BRA launched a new bus route between Bromma Airport and Arenastaden. Fast, smart and hassle-free.

And it’s completely eco-friendly, as the buses are 100% electric.

It’s easy to buy tickets onboard, using a credit or debit card. Some companies also have agreements that mean the bus journey is prepaid. The price of a single journey is SEK 99.

Departure times are linked to flights at Bromma, and during peak times the route is trafficked at 20-minute intervals.

The BRA electric bus stops between Flygbussarna’s and SL’s bus stops at Bromma Airport. Other stops along the route include Evenemangsgatan/Magasinvägen and Dalvägen/Pyramidvägen. These are the same bus stops that SL’s local buses use in Arenastaden.

The route is operated by Björks Buss/Ekman Buss. There is no service on weekends or public holidays.

For further information and a detailed timetable, visit www.flygbra.se

Welcome aboard!