Climate-smart travel to Arenastaden

16 Nov 2016

Several companies in Arenastaden have investigated how they can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by changing how their employees travel to work. Those of you living or working in Arenastaden can find tips here on how to travel more sustainably – and feel better.

Telia, SEB, Vattenfall and Apoteket in Arenastaden have made what are known as CERO analyses to see how employees’ journeys to work live up to the climate goals set. SEB and Telia will make analyses before and after the move to Arenastaden to see how carbon dioxide emissions are affected.

“They’ll already achieve better emissions values due to the move. The fact that it’s easy to get to the area by public transport has an impact, but the main improvement will be felt when the metro is in place,” says Markus Robèrt, the researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm who developed the CERO model.

It can be difficult to change your day-today behaviour. But climate-smart travel has extremely positive health effects, according to Markus. A brisk daily walk or a bike ride reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, overweight and diabetes by between 30 and 40 percent. Physical activity also reduces stress, as we know.

How can I make climate-smart journeys to Arenastaden?

“Leave the car at home. Maybe your company offers a carpool, loans ut bikes or provides travelcards. Maybe you can also choose to work from home and not travel at all one or two days a week, and then you’ll save time and protect the environment,” says Markus.