How to stay motivated this winter

11 Nov 2016

Are you one of those people who completely gives up on exercising in the winter? Or do you take a week off during the festive season, which then turns into months? Annie Rosén from Balance in Arenastaden shares her top tips for staying motivated.

Annie Rosén is the manager of Balance in Arenastaden and Sundbyberg. There has been a Balance gym in Arenastaden since 2009, and staff have observed that many customers stop coming during the winter months. At the same time, many people choose Balance for their winter workouts.

“Previously, people started coming to the gym in January or in August/September, but we’re now seeing that our customers are spread out over the entire year.”

Here are Annie’s four top tips for not letting the couch potato in you get the upper hand this winter:

  1. Don’t stop exercising. Exercise is about continuity, even during the holidays. Obviously you can treat yourself to some time off, but make sure you set a starting date that you don’t budge on. One of the most common reasons for winding up gym membership is having too long a break.
  2. Lower your demands. Doing a little bit of exercise is better than nothing, and there are many options today in this regard. For example, you can go on a short run, work out at an outdoor gym, or do a short but effective training session. At Balance you can do a 17½ minute circuit training session, for example, or a 30 or 45 minute class.
  3. Set a proper goal. If you haven’t set a specific goal for the start of spring, it’s harder to motivate yourself to work out in the winter. Working on your beach body for the summer is a project with a too-far-distant goal, and if you’re aiming for that, you may as well wait until spring before you start working out.
  4. Find something fun. As soon as you feel you’re losing motivation, take a step back and ask yourself what you think is fun. Maybe dancing makes you happiest, for example?

You can exercise all year round, in and around Arenastaden:

  • Cycle to work. For example, the City of Solna has a cycle map.
  • Go for a run around the beautiful lakes of Lötsjön and Råstasjön, a stretch of five kilometres.
  • Do a workout at the outdoor gym close to the running trail around Råstasjön, just below Solna Tennis Center on Råsta strandväg.
  • Join a running group. Runacademy has running groups for all levels, with all runs starting from Quality Hotel Friends Arena.
  • Medley, Vasalundshallen at Badhusplanen 1-3. Here, you can do pool laps, group training and individual training.
  • Balance at Gårdsvägen 10. This gym offers group training, a gym and individual training.
  • SATS in Mall of Scandinavia. This gym offers group training, a gym and individual training.