Home best when Svea Ekonomi got to choose!

30 Sep 2014

Finance company with a super designed office? Of course. When Svea Ekonomi moved to Arenastaden, the founder and owners wanted to retain the family feel despite the company’s growing pains.

After being involved in the building process from the start, they are now sitting in beautiful homely workplaces.

In the entrance to Svea Ekonomi, everything is calm. Sounds are muted in the insulated walls and the extra suspended ceiling – everything to achieve more comfortable acoustics. It seems that this is exactly what was missing in their previous overcrowded premises. As the company, which was founded in Solna in 1981, grew, the office spread over several floors and to various buildings in Råsunda in Solna. Eventually, Svea Ekonomi’s owner felt the situation was “ineffective and irrational” – and began searching for new premises. In Arenastaden, contrary to the “light and fresh” trend, the office was instead designed so that the 500 employees would feel at home.

Garage space, meetings and community

“Our objective was that everyone would sit together, not be too spread out, and have a shared space where we could meet, good communications and access to garage space for everyone who so desired. Here, we have everything except for the fact that public transport links are not so good at the moment. And, it will be a construction site for a while. But, things get better for every half year that passes,” says Mats Kärsrud.

He is one of two partners in Svea Ekonomi and was responsible for the move to the new premises. He is especially satisfied with the additional focus placed on sound, lighting and creating a homely atmosphere with many meeting places.

“We have spent a great deal on our own ceiling, twice as thick as the standard, and purchased soundproof carpeting. The sound level is excellent,” Kärsrud explains.

Finally, it is an incredibly trendy office. How do employees react?

“When we told them what we wanted, someone asked why we didn’t choose light and white, which is how offices should be. Some felt that it seemed somewhat dark and fuzzy. But now, most of them feel that it is completely fantastic, some felt it’s like a hotel.”

And, Svea Ekonomi has a good explanation for choosing the homely design instead of the standard office design.

“This is a contracting company where the owners still work; we wanted to retain the family feel in the company. That was the objective.

“We now sit together and have allowed about 22 sqm per person. We also have our own gym,” Mats Kärsrud concludes.