Safe cycling in winter

20 Oct 2016

More and more people are cycling to work at Arenastaden. There are some ways that you can make the bicycle journey easier – and safer in winter.

“Interest in cycling to work is steadily increasing, and it’s something we want to encourage,” says Joel Grönwall, Area Manager at Fabege. “That’s why we’re planning for more bike parking areas."

Easier winter cycling

At the moment this means there are around 3,750 bike places in Arenastaden. Several of the bigger offices have chosen to house a bicycle garage, changing room and gym in the office building. This is particularly popular in winter.

 “Cycling to work should be easy,” says Joel Grönwall. “And safe, on the roads as well. That’s why we’re having regular meetings with Solna Municipality to discuss how to promote cycling. For example, we could have safer cycle paths and better signage to highlight the routes.”

Tips for safer cycling in winter

Good gear to have with you:

  • CO2 cartridge/small pump
  • Spare inner tube
  • Tyre lever (for changing tyres)
  • Extended mudguards
  • Studded tyres
  • App


Wear a helmet and always indicate!