Several of Sweden’s most modern offices, large and small, are found at Arenastaden. Numerous major companies and organisations have already decided to establish their head offices and large parts of their business operations in the new city district, confirmation of the area’s attractiveness.

The opinion of the office as a workplace has changed in recent years. New technology and new work methods contribute to greater demands for flexible and space-efficient premises. Indoor environment, sustainability certifications and comfort are more important than ever. This means that office premises are subject to stricter demands than ever before.

Companies thrive in Arenastaden

Many different pieces of the puzzle are required for a company to be able to develop and expand; closeness to efficient transport links is one example. Arenastaden is located only a short train ride from Stockholm City and Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Excellent conditions for travel, both private and business, make the city district highly attractive for companies and employees.

Since modern and flexible office premises are another prerequisite required for companies and organisations to be efficient and attract the best employees, all workplaces in Arenastaden are adapted to meet the customers’ varying and unique requirements. The area also includes both conference facilities and hotels.

Having modern and flexible office premises that are well equipped for the work methods of the future and for advanced technology are prerequisites for companies and organisations wanting to be efficient and attract the best employees. For this very reason, all workplaces in Arenastaden are customised to meet the customers’ various and unique requirements. The area also includes both conference premises and hotels.

Employees of today have new requirements

In order to feel the right commitment, the demands of the modern professional are more than having just a nice office. For him or her, the work environment starts a long way from the walls of the office building. The range of services offered at Arenastaden is extensive, including exercise facilities, food stores, restaurants and shops, to make it easy to piece together your everyday needs.

Many consider excellent commuter opportunities to be a must. Arenastaden can be reached from large parts of Stockholm region in a short time.

Fabege as a landlord

The property company, Fabege, owns more than 90 per cent of all the office premises in Arenastaden. The company aims to be both a partner and a source of inspiration when designing new offices for its customers.

In Arenastaden, there is a service centre staffed by Fabege’s own property team to ensure fast and efficient assistance. Fabege is a specialist in new builds and upgrades. The company offers unique solutions based on the individual desires of its customers.

The carbon footprint of a modern office must be as limited as possible. To satisfy today’s stringent environmental requirements, Fabege cooperates with its customers through the signing of green leases, whereby both parties commit to an eco-smart approach. All new buildings in Arenastaden are environmentally certified and the electricity used in the properties comes from hydropower.

Fabege is working to ensure that the whole of Arenastaden will function as a vibrant city district. As a result, the company is also focusing on the urban development of the area to ensure that there are plenty of restaurants, hotels, cafés and green spaces for recreation.

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